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The keyword async was implemented in ES2017. It makes it possible to create naturally asynchronous functions using the following notation...

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This post is the second in a series of 3 posts to explain and show how to work with asynchronous data in JavaScript.

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Asynchronous patterns are part of everyday life, can be a timer, reading a file or making a request, etc., at some point, you will need to manipulate this pattern and it is very important to know how to work with them and which strategy is...

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Diante da quantidade de funcionalidades que vemos recebendo dentro das linguagens de programação, consigo também "atualizamos" as responsabilidades de buscar novas formas de melhorar, automatizar, e criar boas práticas para que tenhamos...

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Component-based apps aren't news for nobody, libraries like React, VueJS, and Angular are basically our first option when we're creating a new project, it's because they are really good for us developers.