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Hello, my name is Felipe Sousa, I'm Brazilian and live in Santiago - Chile. I work with technology since 2015 with experiences in different projects and different teams. I am passionate about technology and love learning new things, I like to explore and share knowledge that can help people and create better software. I am very focused and always willing to take on new challenges, I like teamwork and learning during the creation process.

⚙️ Technical Background

Within the last few years I have created projects that had different levels of complexity and also with different audiences, the technologies that were used to create these products and also with experiences in personal projects made me learn and professionalize within these technologies:

Frontend Libraries / Frameworks

  • React | React Native | NextJS | GatsbyJS

  • AngularJS / Angular

Programming Languages

  • JavaScript | NodeJS | TypeScript

  • Go


  • PostgreSQL

Development, delivery, and automation

  • Git / Git Flow

  • Jenkins / GitHub Actions


  • Jest / React Testing Libraries

  • Cypress


  • CSS3

  • CSS-preprocessors (Stylus, Sass, Less)

  • CSS-in-JS (Styled Components, Emotion)

  • CSS Frameworks (TailwindCSS, Material UI, etc)

Services / Integrations


  • GraphQL

  • Web Sockets


Besides professional experiences I also like to create some smaller projects to test my knowledge and experiment with other technologies, you can see some of these projects by visiting my GitHub. To check out more details about my career and the companies I've worked for you can go to my LinkedIn.

🚀 Hobbies

In my free time when I'm not at the computer, I dedicate myself to some activities that also make up a lot of my routine, among them is the habit of reading, playing chess, watching documentaries, learning about entrepreneurship and also investments, on weekends I like to explore the city in bike or with some outdoor activity.

🧩 Volunteering

Within my career, I have had the opportunity to contribute to software communities that have taught me a lot and where I have also had the opportunity to give back knowledge by participating as a volunteer.

Front in Fortaleza

Volunteer/Organizer 2015, March - 2018, September

Front In Fortaleza was one of the pioneering communities in the sharing of knowledge about front-end development in Fortaleza, Brazil. Giving the opportunity for developers, designers, entrepreneurs and etc from the city to grow together to talk about technologies around frontend and backend development.

Participation with the Front In Fortaleza community happened naturally since my beginning to study the front-end world, which positively propelled me towards greater growth within my career.

Since the 2nd Edition in 2015 where I participated with some friends in an open-source project to publicize the event, as a speaker in 2016, and since the most recent participation in 2018 as an event-hoster.

GDG Fortaleza

Volunteer/Organizer 2016, April - 2018, Oct

Google Developers Group (GDG Fortaleza) is a group where we are responsible for disseminating and sharing knowledge of Google technologies/flows.

As members, we have the mission to organize meetups that are directly linked to tools or best practices around software development. The main focus of a GDG is to bring together and strengthen the community in a simpler way, providing everything that is needed to evolve a community, either with large events or smaller meetings prioritizing the sharing of knowledge.

Thanks for reading this far! To get in touch I am always alert on my e-mail hi@felipesousa.space.