Brazil to Chile, reasons to change - 1/2

12/26/20193 Min Read — In Article, Life

Hello, after almost 5 months of moving country, for the first time I will tell you how the whole process went and how has been the experience of change and what are my impressions before these days.

There will be 2 stories where I share about 2 main moments, in this I will tell about the process prior to interviews, companies, processes, decision making until the moment of arriving in Santiago.


Before understanding why to change, I believe that motivation is important to know and of course, to help to understand why everything.

I started studying technology very early, I love my work and I love the possibility of learning always with him and still create new things. I have always loved traveling and getting to know different cultures and places - my Instagram has some places I have visited to this day -.

Anyway, moving country was always something I expected to happen, but I had never dedicated myself or defined how and when. 🤦🏻‍♂️

By November 2018 I was working remotely for a company in the United States, where I had contact with people from cultures and lives that were completely mine, which helped me a lot to understanding how lives fit with the weather, time, need and problems, whether natural or social, I believe working at Genome has enabled me to learn things that go out of the professional level and into a very important level: the personal.

Anyway I was creating firmness where I was born and raised, which was great, but at the same time I saw the dream or the desire to try a new experience set aside a little, at least for a while, which I didn't like but It didn't scare me either, both have their positive sides.

By the end of May I left Genome and started interviewing, open to moving and also remote, so I found 2 interesting opportunities, having gone through so many interviewing processes that by They often left me very unmotivated, because since then I had not found any that challenged or motivated me to leave the country.

Of all 2 I was drawn to, one allowing me to continue with my remote work and even more to create firmer ties from where I was and the other making it possible to change country and have the challenge of learning and starting over in another place completely - or not so much - differently.

How and when

In 1 of July I had both proposals in hand and only one decision, during the days were more complicated to make a decision than fact, after almost 12 days thinking and analyzing, I decided to change . Believe me, it was one of the hardest decisions of my life, I believe the hardest until now!

My change process was fast, the company took care of the most bureaucratic parts and I of the parts that were up to me, how to separate documents, etc, within 5 days of making the final decision, I traveled for the first time to Santiago.

First impressions

I arrived in Santiago on July 17, 2019, around 15:39 pm, it was in winter, it was about 7 degrees and I was freezing! I come from northeastern Brazil, the minimum I had caught in my city was around 20 degrees, at least 19 degrees! It was a very challenging day, I was for the first time out of my home country and not knowing much about Spanish ... but apart from the cold and the language is good for me - I rolled out with English because I didn't feel safe to speak Spanish - The process at the airport was calm and I had no problem getting to the apartment where I would stay.

On the way to the apartment, I crossed a part of the city, because the airport was a little distant, I took the opportunity to see how the city worked on a "normal" day.

Along the way, I was surprised by the amount of places, trees and how people dressed for the weather, it was strange to hear another language on the local radio playing, it was at that moment that I realized that I really had a new challenge for front. And that's when I thought, "Yeah, now it's gone, there's no turning back."

Well, in a straightforward way this was the initial process to get here in Santiago, in the next post I will talk a little bit about how was the documentation process, company, project and also how was the initial daily routine until today.

Bye! 👋🏻